Monday, May 11, 2009

Pinched from Rox

20 things that make me happy

1. Banana bread (like the batch I made and nearly completely consumed yesterday.)

2. Skipping the commercials (the TIVO like device has changed my life.)

3. Catching the market when the price rings up wrong (they have to give you the item free by law, last week I scored a big ol bottle of Cheez Whiz which scanned at $8.19 but was marked $7.99 on the shelf)

4. Guacamole (avocado, onion, lemon juice, cilantro and salt)

5. Winning Playing word games (scrabble, scramble, boggle, lexulous, etc)

6. Sudoku (once a day at least)

7. Seeing the nico-slaves outside smoking in the rain (silent gloating = happiness)

8. Bombay Sapphire (to quote myself, "what you need for the happiness mood.")

9. Catching a grammar/spelling stickler with an error and not mentioning it. (I like being reminded that everyone is human.)

10. Arriving at the platform right when the subway arrives (a little win in the casino of life)

11. My Ipod touch (I think I would suffer extreme withdrawal were I to lose it)

12. Music, Youtube, Computers and Blogging. (Maybe I should just call this "multimedia")

13. Survivor (I don't want to ever go on that show, but I'll watch every one they make)

14. Skype (it's got to have saved me thousands by now)

15. Impending thunderstorms (I'm jonesing, we haven't had any yet this year.)

16. Smiles from strangers (giving and getting)

17. All things Reese (please bring back the bar)

18. Dogs (7 months down, 5 to go until I'm allowed to have another)

19. Laughing at farts and poop (the vestiges of a teenage mind)

20. Traveling (doesn't matter where, it just has to be away from home)

Kay, now it's your turn.


Mel said...

I don't make banana bread nearly often enough, since David won't eat it.

CoffeeDog said...

I like to laugh at farts too!

Anonymous said...

My Mom got a Chorgi from the shelter. He is half Chihuahua and half Welsh Corgi. He mkes me laugh when I take him for a walk and he tries to catch Robins. Will he ever learn it ain't gonna happen? ed

Rox said...

"ALLOWED" to have another? ahem! Go get a pooch! Here, you can have!

TED said...

Guacamole without garlic isn't life at all.

GayProf said...

I didn't even know Survivor was still on the air.

I like your "Currently Drinking" side bar.

Fatinah said...

every time I make banana bread I think of you - because I use your recipe!

Anonymous said...

We're in full concurrence on items 2 and 11.

As to ad-free viewing on say, here's how you block them on Windows XP:

Go to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and edit the hosts file.

Put a new line at the end that says this:

It causes any application doing a DNS search for an address to default back to your local machine.

Hulu will make you wait 30 seconds but no ads.

Anonymous said...

1. nathan
2. reading (anything)
3. smoking (not cigarettes)
4. gardening (go fugure!)
5. MY dogs
6. walking, slowly but with a destination
7. music - any
8. hot tea (not herbal!)
10. work on a fun night
11. $1.00 sales (any)
12. red wine (italian and french)
13. coupons!
14. king crab(not in love with cracking it but it's worth it)
15. oysters!!
16. anything to do with time travel(hey, we can all dream)
17. Don Johnson (an ols passion that refuses to die)
18.Bryan Ferry (ditto)
19.when someone asks me for advice
20. talking!!!!!


Franciscus van Munster said...

Who's Kay?

anne marie in philly said...

1. good books (no romance)
2. good music (no rap or religious)
3. train travel anywhere
4. baseball on the radio
5. my cats
6. the sunporch on my house
7. my job
8. my knitting group
9. bombay sapphire gin
10. my neighbors
11. silence
12. birds singing
13. spring flowers
14. blue skies
15. smiles from anyone
16. "mystery science theater 3000" - the best damn show EVAH!
17. fruit salad
18. chinese food
19. italian food
20. seafood

Luuworld said...

i like your list! i think the secret of a happy life is being able to laugh at, and truly enjoy simple things like you do.

i'm a sucker for farts + arriving at the platform just in time for the tube.

Sunshine said...

Omg, we are uncannily alike. I'm totally nuts about banana bread and guacomole dip (well, not together of course :P).

Blobby said...

I'll blog it in a day. I already have my post for tomorrow drafted and set to publish.

Phronk said...

Hahahahhaahahalololol you said poop.

Ann said...

1. Rain streaming down the window
2. Hot chocolate
3. All the blooming lilacs
4. dog snores
5. wine
6. wearing sandals
7. getting a haircut
8. a day without bills
9. climbing into a warm bed
10. cake for breakfast
11. compliments, any kind
12. getting my back scratched
13. washing walls
14. the smell of cut grass
15. bowie songs
16. planting flowers
17. margaritas and chips
18. a kind word
19. hearing a really good laugh
20. kicking butt at MarioKart

Kevin said...

Where is Serge on your list?! Is he num 21? Didn't quite make the cut? Right now, I like this video:

Rick Bettencourt said...

I'm surprised laughing at farts and poop didn't make it higher on your list. : )

JP said...

Have you shared your banana bread recipe with your loyal readers before?

Please share it again! Banana Bread is one of my favorite things to eat and the only recipe I have for it is off of a can of evaporated milk.