Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend update

I'm fairly sure all the salient topics of my life have been covered. This leaves it up to the universe to provide blog fodder. I'm not asking for anything though, just stating reality. It's actually pretty mundane, life right now, but it's nice like that. Here's what's going on in bullet form.

* Made a tomato cheese pie yesterday. It sounded a lot better than it came out.

* Everyone up here is bitching and moaning about the deplorable summer we're having. I love it. We've only had the AC on once on a day back in June.

* I find the 20 extra pounds I'm carrying around unacceptable. Apparently, it's not unacceptable enough for me to change any of my habits. I used to be the guy who could eat any and everything without repercussions, but since I quit smoking (over a year now for those counting like me) this axiom no longer holds true.

* Mirrors are evil.

* One of our tenants gave notice yesterday. He lives in the stinky furnished studio that got all stunk up by the previous tenant, the heroin addict. We tried our best to clean it but the never-takes-a-bath smell came back. He didn't mind the smell (being from France and all) but I still catch whiffs of it because it's still oozing out of the couch down there. It's one of those smells that you wouldn't mind if it were say coming off a slice of cheese, but once you know it's BO stench, it's gag inducing.

* My good friend is having a heart brain battle. You know the kind, where they are of opposing opinions. It's like me with a dog. My heart wants a new one really badly but my brain keeps pointing out the lack of responsibility (and hair, shit and vomit) we are enjoying.

* Last payment on the flat screen TV today. Woo hoo it's really ours now. 12 equal payments seems like a good idea but really you're just having 12 episodes of pain instead of one if you just pay it up front.

* On day four with the level zero student he asked me what "a" was. Until then, he thought it was what it means in French. (at or to)

* My student has never heard of nor seen an avocado. Ditto for guacamole. He really is from the boondocks.

* Other things happening but not really noteworthy are bowel movements, meal preparation, showering, playing boggle, reading the newspaper and going on long walks every day. (I do love the long walks.)

* Have a lovely weekend.


Greg said...

We've hardly had much heat here, as well, and I'm not minding too awfully much. People do love to bitch and moan, don't they?

I find that tomato cheese omelettes are not raging successes, either. Good luck with the 20 - I went up too and am on the way back down now.

Larry Ohio said...

"I used to be the guy who could eat any and everything without repercussions"

Welcome to middle age. Wait till your eyes start changing, if they haven't already. My eye muscles are getting weaker by the day, forcing me to hold things out at arms length to read them.

Anonymous said...

Next tell the student the difference between to,too and two. That should be blogworthy.
Maybe I've never had one fixed properly, but I hate Avacodoes.
Having a dog is work but think of how he will be happy to see you no matter what, and taking long walks with him sniffing things you never knew were there. ed

washed up supermodel said...

Don't be so quick to blame the cigarettes (of absence of) for your weight gain. I too was one of those skinny-minny's who could eat whatever/forever and not gain a pound...until the 40's came to visit. But, like you, I'm not willing or ready to change things since I really don't eat that much to begin with and who has spare time for gyms or exercise? Not me.

Our summer has been fantastic for the reasons you described yet I am also hearing the complainers go on about how it isn't 90 degrees and muggy...which they also complain about when it does get to that. People are retarded.

Al In The County said...

I too used to eat everything in sight and not gain a pound. I too quit smoking (for me just 2 months ago -- at the age of 40). And both The Partner and I have gained more weight in these two months than in the last 25 years combined.

All that is to say, I feel your pain.

Rox said...

Get a hairless cat. You know you want to. :o)

People were complaining here about summer too because we had a week of much needed rain/clouds. Those same people are complaining about the heat this week. Me? I'm just happy the sun is shining and the outside tap is working!

Have you steamcleaned the stinky sofa? Maybe spray it with vinegar and water. Vinegar usually kills odors. (It actually just replaces them with vinegar...ha!)

Laverne said...

Yeah, I'm with Rox. It's time perhaps for the professionals. Stinky couch would be a big deal breaker for me.

GayProf said...

Ditto for the above recommendations for steamcleaning.

I never smoked, but nonetheless struggle to keep the weight in check since turning 30.

Birdie said...

I have NEVER been able to eat without repercussions, so I don't want to hear it.

You might try steam cleaning followed up with Febreeze, but you may just need a new couch. Hey! Nature's Miracle works on cat urine—and nothing else does. Maybe that's what you need.

Bigg said...

I too am fighting the battle of the post-cigarette bulge. Unfortunately, my partner (who's a bit younger) thinks the remedy is jogging.

A Lewis said...

Wow, you've given plenty of opportunity for fodder here....extra 20 pounds, the mirror, and I'd swear they have avocados out in the boondocks.

A Lewis said...

PS...Once you get me started, I can't quit....

I'll take cooler weather over heat any day....I'm with you on that.

Blobby said...

Thanks for the not noteworthy BM. Specifics would ruin the fantasy.

CoffeeDog said...

Yeah, mirrors (and cameras) are evil.

Go ahead, get the dog!

Frank B said...

I would recommend getting the dog too, but I'm a certified dog nut.

For me there's a 'switch' that has to be thrown before I am ready to deny myself food, or whatever, and go on a diet. I'm on one now, finally, and I wish it were only 20# excess... oh well, it will just take longer.

You will always have looked younger. Remember that you are younger now, and enjoy.

G said...

I would like to say so many things, but I will just say I am so glad you have stopped smoking.

Mark in DE said...

I imagine the extra pounds have little to do with quitting smoking, and more to do with aging. If they really bothers you, you'll be motivated to shed them. If you're not, then they probably really don't.