Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tidbits twixt xmas and new year's

One of my facebook buds uploaded this sign from a Hong Kong "Sexual Well-Being Store". I wonder what that in-store demo is all about. Do you think the lady knew what she was promoting for the photo shoot? Anyway, I thought it was funny so wanted to share.

Avatar was great! Just like everyone's been saying. I'm glad it's doing so well too so that we can be assured further episodes. The theatre was a fricking madhouse though. All the Imax showings were sold out so we settled on a regular 3D showing. It was another one of those times when I'm reminded that there are SO MANY people living in this city. One tends to forget in winter when we're all stuck inside.

Hey I heard a funny new Quebecois expression yesterday. We were at our friend Dan's for dinner (he made fondue, yum) and I can't recall what it was that was rare, but he used the simile "rare as Pope shit" when describing it. Which if you think about it, probably isn't all that rare. Still it tickled me, as most scat references do.

Here it is Wednesday already. I've got to finish up my prepping for the January/February intensives and maybe take Georgie to the doggie park. It just needs to warm up a bit. Single digits are not acceptable! Happy hump day y'all.


CoffeeDog said...

It was 50 here yesterday, and sunny. I love Georgia in the winter! I went walking around the open air mall with my three gay boyfriends, just window shopping and being silly. Fun!

My adventures said...

That's too damned cold!! I'm freezing and it's only in the upper 40', it'll be 70 by this afternoon, gotta love the south! Hope you two have a wonderful new year!

A Lewis said...

Stay warm and safe! Enjoy the new, fresh year.

Mark in DE said...

Despite the fact that EVERYONE I KNOW has loved Avatar, I just don't have any interest in seeing it. Not sure why.

Wishing you warm thoughts for your cold weather.

Hi Georgie!

P.S. My verification word: Palin

Rox said...

Vibrators and the holidays, who knew?

I didn't realize it was Wednesday already. I've been in my house for days with no intentions of leaving it either. It's -20C here. Kinda nipply.

Lemuel said...

I saw an home improvement show yesterday in which the couple lived in Montreal and were buying a property outside the city to set up a "helper dog" training center. I could not help but think of you two/three.
Have a happy new year, Torn (Serge, and Georgie)!

GayProf said...

Maybe the Pope needs more fiber in his diet.

Butch said...

Happy New Year!!

Snooze said...

Oh I LOVE that poster. I hope the woman did know what she was selling and that in Hong Kong it's encouraged for older woman to stay healthy with orgasms.

Wishing you the best of 2010. Your posts are always such a happy part of my day.