Saturday, November 21, 2009

Broken record blog

What? I didn't do anything wrong, did I?

So cute, how can you get upset at such a mug? He seems like a living doll sometimes he's so perfect looking. Then he chews something up and it's like, oh yeah, more like a living monster. I ordered him a tag with our contact information on it so in case he ever gets away from me again, people will know where he belongs. Yeah, some idiot at the doggy park opened the gate and let Georgie out "by mistake". Ooh I was livid. I was lucky there were other people walking their dogs nearby because Georgie was checking them out long enough for me to run over and grab him. Honestly, that dog will run right into the street if he's not on a leash. Anyway, now I guard the gate area when we are there to protect him from the idiots.

The other news around here, or non-news if you will, is that spouse has decided to quit smoking. But my (and everyone else's) definition of quitting and his are not the same. See for me, when you quit, you stop lighting the tobacco stick, bringing it to your lips and inhaling. For Serge, it seems to mean reducing your repetition of this act by 75%. Heck, if I could be a person who only smokes a few a day, I'd probably still be a smoker, but I'm not and the only solution for me is complete abstinence. NOPE, Not One Puff Ever. Serge seems to think he can win the battle by continuing to dance with the enemy. I'm not very optimistic.


Lemuel said...

I'm wondering if Georgie is doing this chewing/destruction because he is bored or because he is mad. We now have a Veri-kennel that we keep our dog in when we go out. She actually seems to enjoy her "den" and seems to know that's where she should go when she senses that we are going somewhere without her.

If you hold down the idiot who let Georgie out of the gate, I will slap him/her silly. That is the height of irresponsibility in such a place as a dog park.

Mel said...

Well, at least it's a move in the right direction on Serge's part. As for Georgie, a lot of it is liable to improve with age. Hopefully. said...

Puppies chew - It is a fact of life. And Beagles run - I had two of them when I was a kid (oh so many aeons ago) both were lost to cars who hit them because they got away and caught the scent of something. You are just going to have to be vigilant.

That said I will share my method for quitting smoking (it worked for me). I took a carton of cigarettes and put them in the freezer (that way I knew I could have them whenever I needed) I took a baggie and filled it with butts and ashes. Then when I felt the desire for a cigarette I took out the baggie and inhaled the perfume of dead butts and ashes. It did not take long until the only thing I had left was the habit of reaching for them at the usual moments (right after a meal or with a drink) - That soon left also. Good luck to Serge and to you for not having to breath his second-hand (killing) smoke.)

I used the same method with my mother when the Doctor told her that she had to quit smoking. (Oh my she hated doing that) By that time she was suffering from COPD and had to carry around Oxygen the last five years of her life. But if she had not quit she would not have had those years and my nephew would have grown up without a memory of her.

Good luck.

Blobby said...

This is why I can't have a dog. Even chewing is cute.

As for the smoking thing - more power to you if you can quit while living w/a smoker.

Anonymous said...

Moi aussi !

Rox said...

God love him but Serge is in denial. I hope he quits. Try to be patient with him, remember he's a junkie and it's an addiction. Maybe get a little squirt bottle and every time he lights up, put out the fire. HAHA!

As for the Chewing Dog, I'm with Lemuel, crate him while you're out.

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Java said...

Does Serge actually want to eventually stop smoking altogether? Or does he only want to reduce his consumption? Whatever, all I can say is "good luck with that." I am so glad I never started smoking. I don't know how well I'd do at quitting.

A Lewis said...

You just can't argue with cute.

that's J-O-S-H said...

When I was a youngster, mi padre used to smoke da cigz all day long. Then I came home from school and looked up at him wiff mah garbage bag eyez and pouted and said "I don't want you to get cancer and die." His heart melted and he quit! Yay! Kudoz to me and my childhood adorabilities!

Anonymous said...

Georgie needs a crate before you have no belongings left without teeth marks! Many items left in a house can be deadly, and we are all attached to him now...please don't risk him ingesting something toxic, dangerous or a choking hazzard.

Fatinah said...

we kennel our dog when we leave. he likes it in there so much that last night - after a long hard week of playing every day at doggy daycare while I worked - he went up to his kennel to go to bed at 7:00 by himself!

Before I quit smoking for good, there were two years where I only smoked two cigarettes a day - one when I got home from work, and one right after my run. Mmmm, I kinda miss those two smokes.......

Oh, and I'd take Obama up here ANY DAY.... and I wouldn't mind if he was Prime Minister either! HAHA

CoffeeDog said...

Smokes - Love 'em and hate 'em. I still partake every so often.

Does Georgie have a microchip? If he prone to wandering a chip might be a good idea too.

Superdrewby said...

George is such a classic beagle let me tell you!

He is doing EVERYTHING our beagle did when she was younger too, the chewing the escaping etc.

Other beagle owners would tell us stuff and we would cheerfully ignore it LOL!

In retrospect what we should have done was for the first year removed anything and everything that could be chewed around the house.

When we went out we would leave her in the house to her own devices rather than crating her because we thought it unfair.

But after eating the sofa, books, pillows, clothes, remotes etc we relented and when we went out we would 'crate' her in the bathroom

Suprisingly to us she loved it and even goes back there now when she wants time out or wants to hide LOL

The whole off leash thing is difficult, our beagle is simply never let off leash unless the yard or apartment / house etc is safe.

Beagles have absolutely no road sense and are one of the most common dogs hit by cars because they get focused on their noses and notice nothing else.

Beagles are unlike other dogs they really are and only owning one can be challenging and one of the most rewarding experiences you can have :)

Birdie said...

We learned that what looks like jail to us looks like home to a dog. They feel safe being in a crate, with no need to look out for predators or to protect that big house.

Sophie seems to really like the contents of our bathroom trash, so we finally got a trash can with a step lid. No more throwing up in the living room!

Let Serge have his fantasy, because he knows it's not going to work. He'll admit it out soon enough or realize he's not ready to make the commitment.

Rebekah said...

escape artists. That's a beagle. I remember much of my childhood, chasing Bugler... and almost catching him (he was fast). A much quieter neighborhood back then. Keep Georgie on a short leash, that's all I have to say.

Mark in DE said...

Most dogs will run into the street if unsupervised. A friend's dog did this just once, but once was all it took, if you get my drift.

Perhaps Serge will find that reducing his smoking was easy enough that he will then decided to actually "quit" (the way the rest of the world defines "quit"). We can hope! :-)

Patricia said...

I'm glad Georgie is getting a tag. The hound in him can't be trusted off leash, it's in his DNA. You may recall the tales of woe where chewing is concerned with Indi. Everyone I knew told me, "It'll get better." And with every sock, every book, every slipper, I'd think, "It'll never happen with Indi, those other people are just lucky with their dogs."

Well lo and behold, it's finally happened with Indi. It isn't over completely, but my slippers stay out all the time now and I never thought that would be possible. So as hard as it is to hear, if Georgie has several appropriate chewing options and is given some time, have hope!

You're right, they're so damn cute they can get away with anything.

And thanks for the note. I'm working on finding a way to sneak back into the blog once in a while.


Scooter said...

We have soooooooooo gone through that with our dog. We have two older dogs who are very well behaved. Then, three years ago, we got Kali. Kali will eat/chew just about everything. Paper towels and down comforters are her favorites to eat. Terra cotta pottery is also a delicacy.

We later found out that Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction. Well named.