Friday, July 15, 2005

No more mo without the jo

Why bust my butt every day to post when no one is even reading it? Anyway, today I have to write for money. Ugh. I get to write how the food is the cornerstone of the restaurant. I'm serious. As if no one knew that the food was an integral part of a retaurant operation. In addition, I've written a similar spot on the same topic, (here's why our food is so good, look at the lengths we go to get the finest and most exotic ingredients blah blah blah) and I just don't know how to improve upon it. But, if I just pull out the old one, I don't get the fifty bucks. I want the fifty bucks, so I'm going to go work on it now.

Sorry there's not much more today, but further stroking is needed for inspiration/ambition.

You have been warned.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm reading it!
Keep writing, you can always write some more about your relationship with moi!
Or you can write more about what you are reading, or your relationship with the green bud or your relationship w/money or your family or your dog or.....
maybe I should write my own!