Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Reader feedback requested

An interesting question was posed at the barbeque Saturday night.

There were eight of us, Marie and Olivier with their nine month old son and their friends Martin and Frederique (the female) with their 18 month old daughter. We had taken the train to get to Marie and Olivier's house way out on the edge of suburbs and countryside. When we arrived, it was blisteringly hot and muggy and the two infants were in the blow up kiddie pool, squealing and splashing ad infinitum. The six adults sat around the kiddie pool chatting and sipping panache (half beer/half seven-up, ice cold) and cooing over the children. The children had no desire to leave the pool, ever. Eventually, we got hungry and dragged the kids out of the pool, went inside and fed them while getting the adult food together. At seven, the kids were sleeping in the other room, and we all sat down to enjoy barbequed ribs and potato salad with some lightly chilled red wine. Marie served a fresh homemade strawberry tart for dessert and a bottle of dessert wine from 1970. (They are from France, can't you tell?)

Anyway, suitably oiled for more risque talk, the conversation began featuring bodily functions and finally sex. To which the following question came up: How did you experience your first orgasm? We practiced first by going around the table, "Was it alone?" Six yesses all around, then, "Was it before or after the onset of puberty?" Here we were evenly divided. We then shared our stories, one by one, except for Olivier, who smiled nervously the whole time and finally weaseled out of telling.

That would make for a pretty interesting blog, don't you think, I mean the first time orgasm discovery stories? It could be anonymous, everyone showing the incredible diversity of our species. (I was quite shocked to find out that people were having orgasms as children. I felt like I had missed out on something.) We could start right now, you could leave your story in the comments. Oh what? I should tell my story before I have the gall to ask you to leave yours? Geez, my family reads this thing. Okay, family, don't read on.

On the bed with my feet turned up and over my body flat against the wall behind my head. That which best displays my gender made contact with the back of my throat. A strange electrical sensation passed and throbbing began and I got scared, not sure what was happening. After thinking it through, I figured out what it was, and practiced often after that. ( I am, sadly, unable to achieve that position anymore.)

See how easy that was? Go ahead, share, won't you?


Anonymous said...

I was bored, coke bottle empty. Those two things led to my first. You figure it out-

Anonymous said...

12 years old, found dad's porn stash. 30 seconds later, undie spilling. Scared me too.

r said...

R. This is a sneaky way to get lots of comments.

Like em, I don't remember my first O moment. It was something I did before I went to sleep at night. I remember reading about it in a Judy Bloome book at 12, and realizing that I'd been having orgasms all along. I was almost disappointed... "that's what that is?"

Anonymous said...

When my hand was full of precum but not sperm yet...then I realised I had an orgasism... Elevenhish 1974

Anonymous said...

I'd been having sex for 3 years and thought it was mostly pretty pleasant. Then one night got into that 69 position and wait, what's happening here, wham!

Oh, so that's what they're talking about.