Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Back from the highlands of New Mexico, a last minute junket I decided to take to visit my uncle, I'm feeling refreshed and centered, grounded and grateful.

The monsoon season had just begun and I enjoyed the daily thunderstorms, the unbelievable hiking and just hanging out with family, long talks into the night. On Saturday, we took a long hike in the wilderness to ten thousand foot grass mountain.

It was spectacular and humbling, the thunderstorms muttering around us, the deer skitting off as we approached, and the wildflowers blooming everywhere.

The place is Pecos, about a half hour drive
South of Santa Fe.

Hiking in the mountains with my uncle is really cool, as he spotted wild onions and sage and rattled off the names of plants, trees and animals that we came across.

Tomorrow, we'll return to our usual format.


r said...

I'm glad you had a good time, but I'm selfishly glad you're home.

I miss reading your posts every day!

pushthebutton,max! said...

I'm a travelin' man...