Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How to screw up something as simple as giving out free candy

Well I'm officially a failure at Halloween. I went out and bought a 100 piece bag of goodies to give out last night, and then on the way home from work I bought another 100 piece bag just to be sure I had enough. There's nothing worse than having to say no to eager trick or treaters.

So how many kids came to the door? Guess. Seven kids. That's right seven. This was because they were all skipping our house. Why were they skipping our house? Because we didn't decorate. I did put candles in the windows to make it look spooky, but that made no difference. Essentially, the kids went to all the decorated houses for candy.

I really love to give the candy out on Halloween. I especially love the little ones who approach the door shyly. When they receive the candy, you can feel the little thrills bubbling up through their little costumed bodies. Unbridled excitement.

I love seeing this because it reminds me of how much I loved Halloween as a kid, it takes me back to a time when a piece of candy from a stranger was a nirvana like experience, something that as adults we feel far too infrequently.

Serge came up with a song last night that he teased me with until bedtime.

"You don't know how to do Halloween,
Na- Na -Na -Na -Naaaaa- Na"

I made pouty lips.

Now I've got to figure out how to unload 193 little candy bars.

And next year, I'll be decorating.


r said...

You poor thing.

But also, those silly kids; they passed up free candy just because you didn't "dress up" the house? I always thought the lights had to be off, including the porch light, otherwise, the home was fair game.

Halloween was fun at school yesterday, but now the candy high begins.

St. Dickeybird said...

You had too much, and our 100-pack ran out in an hour.
It's too unpredictable.
Still, you can keep up a sugar rush for the next 6 months on that stock.

PĂȘcheuse said...

We only had 25 Trick or Treaters the first arriving an hour after dark (6:30). I took my bucket of candy out into the streets looking for kids to give candy to. I only found three wee ones that had already been to our door. I decided to Trick or Treat our neighbors and GIVE them candy but a I couldn't find anyone home. Our weather was - clear and balmy - perfect for Halloween, however, the streets were nearly empty. It's a shame to lose the tradition.

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Ah poor you

atleast you made the sffort.

We ashamedly forgot about buying sweetie supplies and feel bad about it. Whilst rushing around the house, the tricksters moved on to more prosperous dwellings. Try again next year

I remember the fun of going around houses and to get a £1 was just amazing!!! not all about the dough though ;-)

joey said...

I live in a complex, that has another complex right next to it. All in all, about 200 houses. I had exactly 24 kids. Last year, I went through all of my candy in about half an hour. This was just a wierd year. Maybe because Halloween was on a Monday?

I never decorate either. Usually just having the porch light on is enough.

Shauntae AuPair said...

Last year we had two people. TWO! It was because of the Halloween on Sunday deal that we have to suffer through occaisionally in the Bible-belt. Last night, there was no end of candy giving until 10PM. I had to delve into the emergency good stuff. I'm sure they were bussing the kids in. No decorations necessary here. Hope you enjoy decorating next year, sounds like fun.

Adam said...

I thought the porch light being on or off was THE litmus test for whether or not someone was giving out candy. I eagerly await photos of your dec'd out home next year.

epicurist said...

You certainly put the effort and thought in, so that's all that counts. Have you ever heard the Halloween chant:

Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat
Not to Big
Not to small
Just the size of Montreal!

Just thought that appropriate your you Montrealers.