Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday look back

Ahh, Saturday. The pressure is off, and focused relaxation is on. Though it's been a week pretty much like the last few in terms of job duties and activities, there have still been some notable events. This was the week that all the trees lost their leaves. Where one week ago, splashes of color still graced the landscape, now there are brown sticks quivering in the air, here and there a crow's nest exposed. Remember that picture I posted last Friday? Here is that same tree less than a week after I took the first one.

Then on Thursday, we finally got the first blast of snow here. Well that I've seen anyway, who knows what happens when I'm sleeping. Not cold enough for it to stick yet anyway. But when I saw it, I leapt up and ran outside to take a picture. It was more impressive in person. But I got some on my nose and eyelashes.

This got me in the holiday mood and I went directly to buy my Christmas cards. A bit early I know, but what the hell. I had little to choose from since they were still hauling out the Christmas merchandise at Zeller's (that would be Target in the US).

Mostly what's been happening is that fall has changed to winter in one short week. We had two big squall lines move through this week with lighning, thunder and heavy rain and LOTS of wind. Then snow. And all the shops are decorating for Christmas. The Santa Claus parade is downtown today.

And only 5 weeks left on my contracts, then Puerto Vallarta!


Anonymous said...

Hola! I see you are an early riser, even on the weekends! No one will ever acuse you of being lazy....

Ahhh, the holidays. I hope you have the best holiday season ever.

_Psycho said...

God I hate winter, damn snow :/ Good thing I will be south for vacation too !!

Adam said...

Your stores arent decorated for christmas yet?! Here they have the christmas decor waiting in the wings as soon as the clock strikes 12 on halloween. I envy your weather though. It was in the 80s here all week with leaves falling off trees and stored deocrated for the holidays...wretched.