Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Bible stories anyone?

So Anne Rice has refound Jesus. Upon revisiting her relationship with the Catholic faith, she now wants to "write only" for Him. (I swear, you can read it here.)

I smell a little Dan Brown envy, don't you?

What is up with these celebs who feel they need to push their "discoveries" on us. Hey how about this for a reality show - We lock up Madonna, Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson in a room. The first one's deity to save them is the winner.

Back to Anne. We loved your books hon, but don't you think you're going to turn off your fans who reveled in your tales of debauched vampires? If you want to "write only for Jesus" I suggest you use one of those cute diaries with the little lock on it. Really, we've got a pretty sizable army of men dishing out His story every Sunday already.


The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Just lock up all celebrities!! ;-)


just for you-rub-a dub-dub!


Anonymous said...

It's a really good story. You should read it...and I don't even BELIEVE in God or Jesus and all that religious crap. Read it for her amazing writing.

dantallion said...


I have no problem with celebrities finding religion. But to me, religion is a private matter and should stay that way. If their private lives (as well as who they are sleeping with) is sacrosanct and shouldn't be played out in the media, as most of them are always compalining, then the same should apply to their religious beliefs. Hypocrites.

St. Dickeybird said...

Jesus encouraged Vamparism anyway. The last supper: 'this is my blood. drink it!'
Now Christians all over the world play Vampire and call it Communion.

And the Madonna/Cruise/Gibson lockup would be a hit reality show!

jjd said...

Hmm.. it almost seems to me to be the subtle ripple-like effects that were a part of the whole "gingrich" era shift to the right that this country's been experiencing... this popular sentiment has been co-opted (whether intentionally or subconciously) by celebrities who are trying to tap into a popular mood: namely, that this country needs to find its religion and moral compass again. So.. what better way to capitalize on this then to proselytize your religious views and use your "fame" for a divine purpose? Blech.

Anonymous said...

Anne Rice had her 15 minutes........check out the novel "The Historian", it's really well written and it's about Dracula