Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lazy blogger

It's the weekend, time to relax and enjoy the fruits of a hard week's work. For me that means doing a little shopping, cleaning, blogging and game playing. Maybe a movie, dinner who knows? We like to play it by ear. Last night we went to visit a friend's new apartment on the 25th floor with an incredible view of the city. He has a pet bird who took to me quickly (as most animals seem to) and spent a good 30 minutes grooming me about the face and hands. Here Coco is atop my head.
What else? Hmm. Going to work on the blogroll on the left there. Move some out and add some others. I'll work on the next segment of the road to Montreal for tomorrow. Take the dog out for a walk. Snack often.

It's fun to post Saturdays. It's the lowest traffic day for the blog, so I can just blather some drivel and move on.

Good weekend!


t said...

Hey, wait a minute....
You posted that gorgeous downtown pic yesterday with all the beautiful golden leaves,
and last night you had the opportunity to take some pics from 25 floors high?
You're slipping!
Or was it too dark to take photos, all you could see were lights?
If that's the case, I apologize.

tornwordo said...

Yes, it was too dark and I did take a shot but it came out blurry because I wasn't still enough. Hence the bird picture.

r said...

I like your expression in this pic. Does the bird have a balloon-y thing on it's neck, or am I looking at it wrong?

Have a good weekend.

Tish said...

Aww, that bird is so cute! Is it a sun conure or a peach-faced lovebird? Adorable! And you're a very handsome guy! :)

t said...

OK, sorry.
Looks like birdy is holding a semi-transparent ball with it's beak.
Or he's wearing an orange-tinted space astronaut's helmet.

Adam said...

Wow. I wouldnt be able to tolerate a bird atop my head. I'd be way to paranoid about excrement being left behind.

. said...