Sunday, November 13, 2005

I do not look like him

Last month when we went on the cruise, three people came up to me that week and just "had to" tell me that I looked like Pierce Brosnan. I answer what I always answer to that, "Yes, I've been told that before." Usually, the person then tries to clarify, "It's a compliment!"

I'm sorry, but when you compare me to someone who is just shy of a decade older than I am, it's hard not to think, "Really, I look that old?"

Some say also that it's the way I carry myself, with a sense of confidence and knowing, while also being exceedingly polite. This is very attractive to females. It's true, women have been throwing themselves at me for as long as I can remember. I suppose males have been too, I've just got more of a blind spot there.

I got it again last week in one of my classes and everyone in class agreed and said, "Yes, that's it, I've been trying to figure out who you remind me of." Then of course a bunch of James Bond talk.

Maybe there's the slightest resemblance here. I dunno. I must be getting old.


Anonymous said...

I think you're much cuter than Pierce! Don't let it bother you too much... he is a stud so its not that terrible!

Atleast no one says you look like Kirk Douglas or someone horrible like that! ;-)

t said...

I think your hair, complexion and facial shape and structure is much the same.
In short...well...yeah, you look a lot alike!
But no one is considering the age factor. No doubt people meant if you were the same age.
Consider yourself lucky., ALL...guys would LOVE to look like Pierce Brosnan.
In comparison, a ninth-grade classmate 30 years ago told me I looked like Rocky the Flying Squirrel. I found out later that she thought he was cute.
Go figure.
But when I laugh and tell people that story now, they're ROTFL, saying "No you don't! You don't look like him in the face and Rocky wasn't tall and thin. Was she on something?"
Maybe I changed a lot.

r said...


Maybe...I still don't really see it. What I like is that you can look very debonair (did I spell that correctly?) at times, and then do the Flat-Face and make me dissolve into laughter.

Adam said...

Remmington Steele? I think not. I never understood the allure of Brosnan and you look better than him.

Interesting how they had to clarify that it was a compliment. Is that a cut to you or a cut to Pierce and his quasi-celebrity.

Anonymous said...

You're a younger, MUCH better looking version of Pierce! Truly!

GayProf said...

Maybe it's because you travel everywhere by jet pack and have poison gas hidden in your fountain pen. I am just saying. . .

nongirlfriend said...

You're about a 1,000 times cuter, only!

Wow, Serge is one lucky guy!

_Psycho said...

Good question there, maybe its the eyes or something I dont know ;)

Maybe you will like my James Bonds poker chips!

MamaKBear said...

I think ya do look a lot like him, but he's a hot guy in my opinion so it's a good thing!

I've been told I look like Nancy McKeon (Jo from The Facts of Life)
a few times.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you do. I think it is a lot to do with the way you carry yourself. Dang it, now I want to sleep with you again.


PS The age thing is silly. He hasn't even been seen in the last 10 years, has he?

Lyvvie said...

Wow, you look like a YOUNG Pierce Brosnon...not like he does now, with the grey and wrinkles and squint and all; but when he was young and hot to young people!

St. Dickeybird said...

Mmmmm, any comparison to PB is good!
I'd tell you what I'd like to do to/on/under/around/in/with him.

epicurist said...

hey! Hey! Hey! At least you don't get compared to McCaulay Caulkin. I've been getting that for almost 15 years, and my response is "I'm Asian, 6ft1, black hair with brown eyes. What possible similarities do I have to a kid with blonde hair and blue eyes?" Apparently I resemble him holding his face from that Christmas movie he did when he was ...what 10? sheesh!

epicurist said...

p.s. You do look like a movie star though...not to boost your ego too much, but you do.

Patricia said...

i'm sorry, what were you saying?
was i going to comment?
i seem to have lost my train of thought. yeah. that's it. distracted bigtime.
i'm sorry, what were you saying?

Anonymous said...

would you rather people say you look like a cross of mick jagger and sandra bernhard? Or "you look tired"that's what i get!