Saturday, April 08, 2006

Couple of things

I've been having smoking dreams. The worst is the dream where I'm smoking a cigarette, and then I "remember" that I have quit and then I experience a huge crushing guilt about it and wake up. Then last night I dreamt Spouse was smoking in the house and when I tried to move the ashtray with burning cig in it outside, he protested and said he had the "right" to smoke in the house, and then I woke up. Going to step 2 on the patch tomorrow, perhaps I'm having some anticipatory anxiety about it. Plus, night before last, as a special bonus, I woke up in the morning with clothes on in bed. I had gone to bed naked, and woke up like that. You know what that means. Sleepwalking again. Sigh.

Life is so busy right now which is reflected in the blog by listlike posts. I enjoy it, but thrice in one week seems a bit much, as Spouse so snatchily kindly pointed out. I've got four more weeks of these crazy work committments before it eases up.

I took a little video of the Tire, the maple syrup lollipop thing described on Tuesday. This is traditionally done outdoors. We were inside, however, because it was pouring rain outside that day.

Em has got me thinking (again) about the heinous acts of the administration in power. Seems that internet communications have been secretly surveilled for several years with the help of AT&T. Emails, chat, sites visited and the like. And I think Em hit it on the head when she said we could all look bad under the proper lens. Go check her latest posts and see if it doesn't make your blood boil.

Finally a pic of my bébé, atop the lookout point on Mont Royal last Sunday. It looks like today is going to be equally fabulous.


Shauntae AuPair said...

I loved the view from Mont Royal. Do they still have that big ass electric cross up there?

toobusyliving said...

I love that cross. I sleepwalk whenever I'm really stressed-out, and it can be an alarming experience to say the least. Just keep plugging your mouth full of taffy with Serge and Stephan, and you'll be okay.

CoffeeDog said...

The smoking thing, it'll get better, hang in there.

Jason said...

Have a great weekend.

Dave said...

hang in'll get through it!

St. Dickeybird said...

I've been having those dreams too. I saw 'Inside Man' (not the porno!), and Clive owen smokes Camel Lights.
My brain leapt "Camel Lights- aromatic- slightly almondy- good with sweet tea- yum!" and then sank into depression.
Then I spent 3 nights smoking Camels in my sleep.

Patricia said...

your honey's too cute.
and is that a razr he's holding?
i love mine.