Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mesh and conflict

Here's the backyard.

Now that we have the two thousand dollar storage house, Spouse is not at all happy with the existing patio furniture. We bought that banquet table for fifty bucks for our wedding reception (which was held in our huge loft, now gone from our possession) and which served us well as the cake table. While I'm at it, here is a picture of the cake.

Have I ever told the story of how Em and I made our wedding cake for the wedding? Another day perhaps, just know this: Pay someone! Anyway, back to my thirftiness, (see the wedding cake digression works) when we moved into this place with a real backyard, I suggested we use that table in the backyard. And so we have, it's durable, it cleans up easily, okay it's a little plain and possibly homely, but does the job for up to six people.

Spouse claims that a table with an umbrella is necessary so that the tenants upstairs cannot see us when we are eating outside. (????whatthehellishetalkingabout????)

It is this kind of logic I am not equipped to successfully argue against. There is some quality of "being watched" that spouse doesn't like, and if I pooh-pooh that, we get nowhere. So I bargain for time.

"Can we just muddle through one more summer with this one, and get one half price at the end of the season this year."

He stops to think about it and then starts with the whiny Nooooooo. "You decide everything." Pouty. (Working me.)

And then I add that an air conditioner was going to be the next purchase as we had previously discussed. Cat furball noises and rolling of the eyes greet my comment. (He doesn't agree.)

And this is where we are so amazingly different. I would much rather spend money on an air conditioner than a patio table. It charms me how we are, how we mesh and conflict. Happiness.


Snooze said...

I love how you and spouse relate. I'm with spouse on this one though - I would hate to have neighbours watching me eat.

toobusyliving said...

It's all about air conditioning! Is the backyard "cabana" available to book during Montreal Gay Pride/Out Games this year? I'm just wondering cause arriving in a city and having to find accomodation (someone with a hotel room) lost it's charm after I turned 30.

If it isn't boked yet, please pencil me in...we can arrange for a suitable "deposit." Oh, did I write "deposit" in quotation marks? My bad.

St. Dickeybird said...

I agree with the spouse. I can't stand eating while visible by people who aren't invited to dine with me.

And that's a cute cake.

_Psycho said...

My god !

Air conditionner > anything outside that is not that usefull to change.
I couldn't live without AC ! :)

Jason said...

If this summer is anything like last summer, I don't know how you will survive without AC. I was DYING.

Lyvvie said...

Wow...it's uncanny how couple all over the world are having the same conversations.

Although it's me wanting the fence double placked so folks can't peek in at us when they walk palst the house, Husband thinks it's a waste of time. Tcha, rolls eyes, stomps off.

Yep...I'm liking Em more everytime I read about him. *wink*

Normlr said...

My vote goes for air conditioning. I don't care if people watch me eat or anything else. As far as I'm concerned if they're watching, I'll give them something to look at. Hence why I elect to walk around the apartment naked. Q on the other hand, would be absolutely horrified if somebody saw him. Makes it that much more fun for me.

GayProf said...

If it up for a vote, add another one for air conditioning. Growing up in New Mexico (which, btw, was pretty darn hot), my parents rarely used their air conditioner because they imagined it wasted money. As a child I swore that my adulthood would never lack this basic amenity.

I am impressed by the cake! Wow – even if it was a hassle, you did an amazing job.

r said...

Air Conditioning now, umbrella table later.

Or go to somewhere cheap to get a beach umbrella for the summer, then buy an expensive one at the end of the season. I got mine for $14.99 at Longs... there must be something similar in Montreal!

ink said...

Air ... definitely air.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the cake! Great job.

We're having similar conflict in our household. I'm trying to stall hubby on buying a new bedroom TV and stand, while reminding him that we need a digital camera more (ours died around Christmas).

Good luck resolving your conflict! If you can, go for both. You won't regret getting a nice patio set.


dantallion said...

Air conditioning, hands down. Although I have to say, the way you describe spouses interaction with you, he sounds absolutely adorable. (well, you both do actually).

CoffeeDog said...

Cat furball noises LOL! AC is important, but so is fabulous patio furniture.

You COULD buy an umbrella that sits in a stand to use with the existing table, and then buy AC too (maybe)

How much was your shed? Ours was 2.2K and I insisted on this particular model much to the dismay of Mrs Coffeedog.

Sunshine said...

I would definitely get an air conditioner before patio furniture. But I do understand why he doesn't like to be watched. How about getting a REALLY big air conditioner and sit under it for meals? :P

madamerouge said...

1) get air conditioner
2) shag spouse on table in full view of the neighbours.

mainja said...

canadian tire has reasonable patio furniture for not horrendously expensive. loblaws stores often have good reasonably priced stuff too. plus you could always check out freecycle or craigslist for free/cheap niceish stuff.

we got our at zellers (is there zellers in quebec) and it was surprisingly nice and reasonably priced. once we got it we couldn't believe we put off buying it for so long. it made the backyard sooo much more appealing and nice to be in, and we spend a rediculous amount of time there. it really was a worthy investment for us. plus it came with 6 great comfortable chairs so we were able to happily have folks over for drinks after dinner.

as for airconditioner, again, check out freecycle or craigslist or other free classifieds, people will be moving and getting rid of airconditioners. you're in montreal so right around july 1st should be a hayday time for getting stuff cheap that people are getting rid of as they move.

Nicki said...

AC now, furniture when it hits clearance. Priorities.

Anonymous said...

thank you, darlin', for your supportive and wise words about my family/wedding difficulties. it's always nice to hear from you...as for the paying for someone to do the cake, incontesta and i have one of the best award-winning cake decorators doing ours...his mom. she's great, and we love her to death. i'll definitely post pictures on my blog as soon as i have them. hugs and tugs!

Joel said...

You 2 crack me up and remind me sooo much of Joel and I. I love the little parenthetical commentary you add...but it is so true...isnt' it?

Patricia said...

i'd be all over the a.c.
and the next time you guys eat outdoors, bring a rain umbrella with you and hold it over your head as you're eating.
mission accomplished.
i love the idea of buying stuff out of season, you can save a fortune.