Saturday, April 15, 2006

This 'n that for a Saturday morning

This is the new "garden shed" for the backyard. Looks so cute doesn't it? Spouse loves it to death, and though I find it useful, it cost way too much. (We had some heated moments over the necessity of a window in a storage shed, you can see who prevailed.)

I'm still not ready with the rest of the Peppertree Park story. The last bit is proving more difficult to pen. It feels like hard and dirty work digging up that day from memory.

It's raining this morning and supposed to be showery for the weekend. Yesterday was over 60 degrees (16 celsius) and sunny, everyone was out, I went out too and got a haircut, did the grocery shopping and walked the dog in the park. Had to. Today looks like a stay inside day.

Somehow the stars aligned and we both have four consecutive days off. Neither of us knew until Thursday that this would be the case. During our excitement of pondering FOUR DAYS OFF, we thought about getting out of town, visiting friends, popping off to Toronto, and then we realized how stressful all of that would be, so we are staying home ON PURPOSE. Puttering is heaven, I tell you.

Have a great day everyone, I'll go get to work on that story. See you soon!


St. Dickeybird said...

This is a good weekend for SFA.
Enjoy it.

r said...

It's darling,that shed. Looks like a playhouse I always wished I had (it's the window).

So, tell us why Spouse needed the window?

Joel said...

We talked about driving to Ohio to visit friends and then Joel got scheduled to work Friday and our money is tight right now do to the OTHER drama in my life.

Se we are puttering and I love it! I got so much done outside yeterday..and tired today but am going to go hit it again here in a bit.

Chunks said...

I love the shed!

Is the Peppertree Park story going to make me cry? I am anxious to hear the rest of it.

Happy puttering! I hope your weekend is peaceful!

GayProf said...

Enjoy the puttering!

Jess said...

We bought a shed this year. We never got around to it last year--too much to do (moving into the new house, selling the old one, etc.). I had sticker shock when I found out how much a shed would cost, so I can relate to your feelings!

Snooze said...

The shed is cute. The window would make me worry that people would look inside and see what they could steal, but maybe Spouse wants to use it as a workshop. Then a window wouldn't be so bad. I think it's a great idea to just stay put and relax for four days. That in and of itself is bliss.

jjd said...

you never know when you might be inside the shed but need to peer out a window to see if its OK to leave (rabid dog, knife wielding home intruder, werewolves..) and I totally support you. Window makes it look much nicer.

Patricia said...

oh i love that shed. and i like the window, too. i don't even care if it's not overly functional. garden tools and storage items enjoy a nice view too, ya know.