Sunday, February 05, 2006

This only begins to describe my loathing

I hate parties. I hate to throw them and I hate to attend them. And yet I do attend them, casting off my anathema and fulfilling my social obligations. At every invite, I excitedly accept, only to rue the words moments after they've left my mouth. Once in a while my abhorrence for large gatherings gets the best of me and I flake. But not yesterday.

Yesterday was unflakable because confirmation was given and the host purchased food and alcohol based on the confirmations. So I went. It was an 8pm to 3am affair and I decided to go early and get it over with. I was out of there by 11. Out of over a hundred, I knew only the "going away" person, and no one else, until about 10 when a friend of a friend showed up who didn't know anyone there either. She and her date clung to me (which I was grateful for) until I took off. There was music, food, booze, and small talk. The francophones and anglophones slowly congealed on different sides of the rented banquet hall. By the time I left, the music had become so loud that communication was rendered useful only by shouting into someone's ear.

I walked out of there at 11, free! Free at last! And though it was pouring down an icy rain as I made my way through a large park to the metro, I burst into song, "Singin' in the rain". (How gay, I know.) It was the best part of the night.

After that, I stopped and strolled through the village to see if I could catch up with Spouse, he having gone to a different party. I ducked into a couple of usual haunts for him and didn't see him, but instead was seduced by the lottery slot machines against the back wall. I popped in a $20 and a half an hour later, after having gone down to $3, hit a good one and walked away with $35. Glad I stopped. I decided I could treat myself to cabfare and was home at 12:15.

I was proud of myself for staying out past midnight. (I acknowledge that you may find that funny.)


Chunks said...

We have a big family therefore ANY gathering is a big one. I enjoy hosting parites but I always get mental and make too much food.

Good for you for singing in the rain past midnight, I was home by 9:20PM.

_Psycho said...

Hehe, good laugh this morning. I got the exact same song when he was raining.

I was singing to vero "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.." because of all the snow that she never saw. Then with the big rain I was like "Singin' in the rain".

Good for the slot machine. I hate these really not random machine who give back a % of your money very well calculated ;)

CoffeeDog said...

I can't stay up much past 12 either. Saturday Night Live - thing of the past for me!

Snooze said...

I like a good get together, but I do dislike it when the music gets too loud. I love the fact too that you did a rendition of "Singing in the Rain"

Anonymous said...

ciao from Italy

ink said...

Just one question - did you do the Gene Kelly dance number too?

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

know what you mean about do's, especially if you don't know folk and feel like a fifth wheel.

I'm not really looking forward to making a big deal of my up and coming 30th, too tired with my course, work and stuff going on with my other half. I may feel different nearer the time. Think i've only been to a few really good parties, one of which I was dressed as Madonna and my fella went as a monk!!!!

Patricia said...

you'd absolutely be the one i'd wanna shadow if i was somewhere and knew no one. (or knew everyone, for that matter.) i relate to the feeling of accomplishment for making it past midnight. in fact, my sense of accomplishment is quickly moving up, closer to 11ish. how very sad.