Saturday, August 13, 2005

A day well frittered

I had very little to do yesterday. Well, I had very little to do that couldn't be postponed easily. I make a list for each day, goals if you will, of what I want/need to get done. There were only three things on yesterday's list. Write Lifestyles, make lesson plans for next week. Organize teaching materials. This one has been on the list everyday for a week. (What doesn't get done one day gets moved to the next day's list) And though next week heralds my reentry into professordom, I am dragging my heels about getting my crap together. I ended up doing none of those things, and every time I looked at my list, I had the reaction as if it read: Have rectal exam, fix something under the house, and worm Sara.

I got the usual Friday afternoon call. The spouse would be going to happy hour with his alcoholic drinking work buddies. I finished playing my 212th 17th game of Scrabble, and took a shower to remove all the sweat worked up from using the mouse to place my letter tiles on the board. I hopped on the bus and headed to the village, a light summer rain falling. I arrived about 6 and the gang was already in their cups, their buzz clearly in its zenith. I had a pastis and everyone seemed to want to touch me and coo over me, pet me. It wasn't disagreeable.

The place had three lottery slot machines in the back. After stopping by the toilet, I popped in to play my usual sneaky $5. I played it and lost it and then noticed $40 sitting next to the machine. I decided to wait a little more time to make sure the owner wasn't returning and played another $5. This time I won $20 and cashed it out, picked up the $40 and went back to the gang. A little good fortune, more libations for all.

Somehow, it was 11 when we departed. We spasmodically made spectacles of ourselves walked through the village, picking up 4 hamburgers along the way, and then crammed them indelicately into our faces ate them in the taxi home. It was still raining and in the 70's. We sat outside on the deck and sniped talked about people, then I went to bed and spouse fell asleep in the chair outside in his underwear. When I woke up to pee later, I saw him and I so wanted to take a picture, but well, I've sworn that off as you know.

Today, my list reads just as it did yesterday.


r said...

1)what's with the new picture?
2)what is a "pastis"?
3)How did you do the cross out thing? I've seen it on other blogs but don't know how to do it.
4) How'd you get your picture as part of your blog name?
5)How come you are online when I log on, and then are immediately idle when I IM you?
6) Did you have a great day today?

r said...

Wait, forget question #1, it's your wedding announcement picture... I see the black hair of the little girl who was in the original photo.

tornwordo said...

2. Like sambuca but less sweet

3. Email me and I'll send it, when I put the code here, it fucked up the comments and I lost what I had written.

4. By getting hideously frustrated and weeping. Then spouse helped.

5. My computer does it's own updates, that's probably why it shows me as not idle. I wasn't around last evening.

6. It was swell thanks.