Monday, August 01, 2005

Watched it

People have been telling me to see it for a while. You know, the movie What the #&%*% Do We Know. I can see why now, one of the main themes being about focusing on the mystery and magic of this world. Did you notice in the film how some of the things were repeated, not in the reality TV (this is the only good bit we got so we're going to pummel you with it) way, but in the native way: the most important things are repeated so that you remember them.

That on a quantum level, there is no here or there, only possible heres or theres. That we are chemically addicted to our emotions. That how we think and feel can actually affect things both inside (on a cellular level) and outside of us, that we create our own reality in a way, even though we think that we are objective observers in an immutable reality.

And I don't know about you, but I have experienced so many coincidences that seem to coincide with my thought patterns of the day that I was thinking it was premonitions, and now after seeing that movie, it opens my mind to the possiblity that I'm making it happen. (Quiet down now, dear ego) How we view ourselves as independent creatures when actually we are all part of the same "reality" fluid - drop an emotional bomb inside you, and the ripples extend much further than the confines of your body.

I thought the movie was a little bit dumbed down, and I would have enjoyed seeing more of the math/physics parts explained. However, it gave me just the boost I was looking for (of course), to seek the magic and mystery of the world, to view each moment as a dance between me and all that is around me, to get lost in the moment until "me" dissolves and there is only the magic of being lost in a thought, a kind of cohesive energy rippling through the substance of reality.

I'm hungry, and the bagels are crying out "eat me, eat me!" It's true, I can hear them.


pushthebutton,max! said...

Helloooo Netflix.

r said...

I knew you'd like it.

Since seeing it, I've read some people's opinions of it; particularly the scientists who were interviewed for the film. Several felt they were represented poorly and incorrectly.

The heavyset blonde lady in the flim who is channeling "ramah" or whatever, has her own study center, which produced the film.

It's funny, because she was the one person that really bothered me whilst watching... something weird about her. However, I loved the way it made me think.

Our intentions can affect those around us. I do believe there's truth to that.

tornwordo said...

He fell asleep. But he did ask about it in the morning.