Saturday, August 27, 2005

Journal sampler

When I started the blog, I also took to carrying around a notebook to record things that I may wish to write later, or things that come to mind, whatever. Here is a sampling from the last three months.

- The lottery is a tax on the dreams of the poor.

- Logically, spontaneity should increase over one's life, prudence being more valuable when young. But we are not wired this way.

- People frown at my smoking as they walk past while also breathing the traffic exhaust. I'll bet they have a car but don't smoke.

- What if God is the collective awareness of everything that is aware? In that case, it's my duty to love and be joyful.

- Material objects are like lead weights on the soul. Once you acquire too many, moving forward is impossible.

- Robbers in Cambodia, annoyed by the noise, shoot and kill a crying infant. I can't love these robbers, their very existence drives me hopeless.

- On the march toward your destiny (I'm guessing death), don't forget to laugh, fall down, get dirty and wonder about it all.

- In our imperfection, we seek perfection, but only an oyster can make a pearl.

- Smokers shouldn't buy air mattresses.

- What the fuck kind of burrito has zucchini, goat cheese and black beans? This is what they're peddling at the airport in Texas.

- It is a mistake to assume that others experience things the way you do. Every brain is different.

- If I have to do it your way, I don't want to do it. I couldn't care less if you do it my way.

- I count 24 metal objects dangling from pierced places about the face and ears of a man in his 20's. Sparkling and glittering, "Look at me!" and so I do.

- A spider, ladylike, crosses the table and disappears underneath, descends to the floor from invisible thread and vanishes into a crack. We're in a room on the 23rd floor with no windows. I wish her well.


r said...

It sounds a bit like poetry...

Donna, watch out!

pushthebutton,max! said...

Hey - I really like the last one. There's a lot of thought packed into a couple of lines.