Friday, August 26, 2005

Structure or not to structure

Sara and Yugi, her playmate from upstairs

So I've been toying around with the idea of starting up some theme posts, Friday pics and Monday rants sort of thing. I'm considering this because I have this habit of posting daily, and with huge work commitments looming, I'm afraid the blog may deteriorate into a constant whine/bitterness kind of thing. Which, in itself could be funny, but it's hard to be funny about misery when you are experiencing it, and much easier to find the humor upon later reflection of the misery.

Additionally, I could prepare some posts ahead of time, for those days when I must leave the house while it's still dark. Some people have the procrastination disease, but I have the opposite of which I know of no name - that is, I like getting things done ahead of time. It's an affliction much like procrastination while still being the complete opposite. For example, just yesterday I found the wedding card that I bought for my friends months ago. I bought one a couple days before the wedding too having completely forgotten that I had already purchased one. So, as you can see, a different kind of malady.

So I am asking my two and a half readers if they have any suggestions, things they like to hear me write about etc.

My original intent with the blog was to practice writing of course, but also to talk about the sky, clouds, weather phenomena and also show others how I've come to be at peace in life and perhaps help others to do so. (I don't know how, just that the desire to help others was there.) But now as I look back over the last 90 posts, I realize it's mostly a journal with no overriding theme of any kind. A scrapbook of my mind if you will. I think the scraps are going to start resembling each other after a while which is why I'm seeking a bit of structure to add to the thing.

So keep going like it is, or start some themes?

My ideas so far are: Top Ten Day, Tales from the trenches (in which waiter stories are told), Picture of the week, and a few others which might just be monthly.

Any suggestions?


dantallion said...

Personally, I like the 'scrapbook of my mind' approach. Gives people a tangible view into who the writer is.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I too have "anticrastination!" I have like fifty posts saved in MS Word for use later. One way I satisfied the urge to write every day is to start a second blog, one that covers a very specific topic. For me, that's writing.

I would read your blog no matter what themes you chose. I'm glad I found it!

r said...


Just keep writing. Whatever comes to your mind. I personally like the day to day comments more than the "themed" ones.

Throw in a few of your "musings on life" ones and hey, it's a blog.

You can always write about your younger years if you get stumped.

_Psycho said...

Hmm I think you have more readers than me ;)

As for the suggestion no idea, it seem when 2-3 peoples read you,I feel the need to post daily.

Out of topic: Hey I was wondering how much time you been in Montréal ? You speak french ?

Anonymous said...

I like the day to day stuff too. I miss the sky stuff though.

Maybe you could just have a list of possible topics and use that ifyou get stuck.

Anonymous said...

i like the relationship crap.
(was that too negative?)
also i love it when you talk about your good friends
and money
and smoking
and dogs
and i hate that weather shit!
(i'm not having the greatest day)