Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This is how it works

You put out some (repetetive, turret's like) intention, some deep desire and then start looking for signs. The signs could be anywhere, on a scrap of paper on the sidewalk, in an internet article, in a conversation being had by fellow cafe patrons. The signs will be there, but you have to be paying attention. And you have to be patient. It's not about "wanting" it so much, as imagining what it would be like to have it, to believe that you have it already within your reach, just that you don't see it yet. Are you following me?

Here's an example. The past few years I've been exploring different ways to exercise the spiritual muscle, which has led down a reddish road. For the past year I've been keeping my eyes and ears open for a place to do a sweat, a native practice that is very cleansing, though difficult. I did one last year in California and this year when I went to New Mexico two weeks ago. Since I came back, my interest was renewed again, it should be easy, there are native reservations near my own city. So yesterday, I am playing Literati (Yahoo's version of Scrabble) and a girl joins my room and we play a game together. I notice that her moniker is Mohawkrezgrl, and so I think what the hell, and ask a personal question.

So do they do any sweatlodge things where you are?

In the longhouse, lots of red hot rocks.

Wow, I have been looking for a place to do it around where I live.

Too hot for me. But very cleansing.

I'm in Montreal.

I'm an hour away from you. (I've never knowingly played anyone so close to me geographically and I've played thousands of games)

Well, how would I find out more about participating in one?

Then she gave me directions to a place to go down and poke around, where the people could tell me the time and place of such things. It just so happens that we have a car reserved for next week as we are going camping on the weekend. We have the car for a whole week though and so I have a few days next week with a car, but no use of the car planned for those days. Hmm.

The bread crumbs are all in place, and now it's up to me to follow them.


r said...

I do believe there are avenues down which we haven't begun to explore.

This time will be different because you'll be with no one you know.

Keep us updated.

Lee said...

Indeed. I've just done a hilarious night course in this sort of thing. It's all rather thrilling once it starts to fall into place.

Updates indeed!