Sunday, September 25, 2005

A few moments this week

Caught Martha Stewart on her new stint "The Apprentice". It really cracked me up when it came time for the firing and her line is "You just don't fit in." (The I'm so sorry look on her face.) Donald, on the other hand, gets to stab his index finger in the air and proclaim "You're fired!" (All masculine, finality and judgement dripping from his face.) I guess if Martha did that, she'd come off too much like a bitch.

On Thursday, I saw this in downtown Montreal: A man in his 30's, tall, skinny, and with a large mane of dreadlocks was rollerblading down the street. He was wearing a skin tight, neon green body suit and bobbing to the rhythm of the music. Music? Oh yeah, all the while, and I'm not making this up, he was playing a ukelele. (and rather well too) It was one of the oddest sights and it made me grin helplessly.

Redoing the facade at our place is going to cost 25k. I'm trying to ignore it, but it won't go away. Ouch.

Rented and watched "Crash". It left me empty feeling. It was like seeing how everyone would be if they didn't have their PC filter on. Depressing.

The foot is mending slowly, though I did too much walking on Wednesday and Thursday, so at the end of the day it filled with liquid and got all puffy and elephant like. The upside was that I got extra services from spouse ;)


r said...

Services? What kind of services? My junior high school level mind is going crazy here.

I really liked Crash, even though I got the same empty feeling. I also felt like, okay now, let's get to work on this stuff. Because, as long as folks pretend it's not there, nothing will change. It's got to be acknowledged first... then addressed.

Tony Adams said...

That may have been Wendy Earthworm on the skates. Although I don't know if he is still around in Montreal.

tornwordo said...

farmboyz -That would be the perfect name for that guy I saw. It must be him. It makes me grin just reading the name.

t- check back for the post titled Toe Woes about four weeks back.

Rebekah - you know, tending to my every whim while elevating the foot and icing it. (I have varied and incessant whims)

epicurist said...

Actually, I happened to see her on her new live audience show, which was a bit surreal. She had some baby piglets in a pen and was commenting how cute they were, and in her next sentence said they should turn out to be as juicy as their mother. I gasped just as her audience did.