Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The kind of drivel I come up with at six in the morning

I've always been the more responisible one in the relationship, both with friends and lovers. Why is that? I'm always the rock, the one you can count on. Put up in the mirror next to me, most people come out more flaky, flighty and insovent. So I ask myself - would I be happy in a relationship with someone rich and powerful and independent? Would I submit to control measures placed upon me by that person? Probably not, I believe, unless he's drop dead gorgeous with a cock the size of Montana. Wait. That sounds superficial. Anyway, we can toss that possibility into the same bin as winning the lottery, plus I'm married - so moot.

Still, I wonder about such things.


Lee said...

But if I win the lottery, you're coming straight over, right?


_Psycho said...

If the woman is rich, powerful and independant, I hope she will control me =P

At least I'm not married, I still have more chance right ? right ? :)

tornwordo said...

Lee, yes I am ; -

Psycho - Yes you do.

Bug's - funny you mention that, I waited on Ms Pfeifer once and darned if I didn't detect the slightest flirtation. I probably missed my shot.

Anonymous said...

i think that's INSOLVENT you snot bag!
Just remember who YOU call for advice-moi!
(and vice versa of course)
oh and i must add i have never even met a straight man who has those wonderful qualities you speak of, maybe i'm in the wrong country

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Do you think dependable rocks are in the genes?

or just in the jeans??!!! ha ha ha! ;-p