Friday, September 30, 2005

In which my head expands and contracts

Well that was a heady experience. Coming home to read such kind words from people. Spouse took great pleasure in reining in my ego as he read each comment out loud dripping with mocking sarcasm. He's had twelve years of opportunities to study all the negative qualities about me, so he's allowed. What negative qualities? Hmm let's see.

He has had to rescue me each and every time I have attempted to assemble an IKEA product. He has listened through my love of annoying forms of music. He has suffered through the ball experience. He has endured countless hours of me banging on the piano. He has accompanied me to eat Mexican food (my hands down favorite), even though he hates it. He lives with a sleepwalker.

Plus I've yelled at him scores of times over the years. He could probably detail each and every time I blew my top.

It's good to have him around, or I might fall prey to having a superiority complex.


The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Ah nice words. Will you be posting his pecks up too? ;-)

have a good weekend

dantallion said...


LOVE the ball experience.

And the two of you are still together...He's GOT to be a good sport.

Anonymous said...

One of my goals is to shop at IKEA.

_Psycho said...

Haha just finished to read the Ball post, oh man I had a good laugh. You know you always call him the spouse, why don't you just call him the husband ? =P

Adam said...

I call mine my hubby. Isnt that saccharine? I love him to pieces though.

Anonymous said...

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