Sunday, September 18, 2005

This 'n that for a Sunday morning

Ok, a little week in review thing because it's Sunday, the day I permit myself some relaxed writing with no topic in mind. If I had to rate the week on a scale of one to ten, it would have been a snoozy five. Nothing big happened, but lots of little things did.

First spouse put up a Saltine cracker on Ebay that I had found. No Jesus or Mary images on the cracker, but weird nonetheless.

I bumped the injured toe again, causing terrible pain and extra limping. I did some research and I guess I won't be walking right again for another 2 - 10 weeks. I'm sure hoping for two, because we leave on a cruise in three weeks.

The blog hobby is necessarily suffering at the beginning of the week because I have crack of dawn classes then. I've noticed some new people stopping by, and if you're one of them, I will eventually get over to your blog, and give a shout. (Eventually, by the way, is not a fixed time window) Know that it makes me smile to see new people stop by.

One of my favorites, Popfizz, took off somewhere and made a goodbye post with all of his commenters referenced. Very nice way to stroke everyone before disappearing.

Bug's Butt found out I wasn't straight (gasp!) when Popfizz outed me (though I wasn't really ever "in") and hasn't stopped by since. Hmm. Still dig his blog though.

Psycho gave a great tutorial on downloading movies (for informational purposes only of course) and spouse and I have been trying all weekend to do it. It works, but for example the "Moulin Rouge" download says "approximately 82 days to finish downloading". This is not so good.

Got "Lies and the lying liars who tell them" in the mail from Daddio, and I'll be taking it on vacation with me.

Had a trying time with spouse, and we had the "would life be better for us if we split?" talk (this kind of talk is the opposite of fun). I think the biggest source of friction (and possibly at the same time, the key to our success) is that I'm the kind of guy who can be happy in the present moment. (I tend to be trepidatious about the future, and regretful of the past) He doesn't really live in the past or future, but has great difficulty being happy in the present moment.

I won twenty bucks on a dollar scratchoff ticket.

It rained buckets the last couple of days. Sara felt it was her duty to pattern the floor with her muddy paw prints.

It seems a lot of people are having tough weeks, Rebekah and Dantallion notably. If I weren't so consumed by my own tough week, I could probably be more of a cheerleader.

Ok, there's more, but you've probably already moved on from this post. So I'll close by wishing everyone a great week, and if you want to cry laughing this morning, just click on Stereolabrat.


r said...

I like it when I'm mentioned in someone else's blog.

_Psycho said...

Hey, if you need more help with you stuff you can always drop me and email. For downloading, if that doesn't connect or work it's most likely your router. There is a really nice FAQ on azureus web site from memory, it's usually a network config. This can be the annoying and hardest part thought. Enable UPnP in your router (if you can do that ;)

_Psycho said...

Might be your windows firewall to disable or turn off, or unprotect some port (sorry for the double comments :)