Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Quick question

I woke up again today one minute before the alarm went off. This happens so frequently, I don't really find it odd anymore. The strange part is that the time on the alarm clock is set twenty minutes ahead to allow for possible pushing of the snooze button.

So what part of me keeps track of time so accurately, to the minute, and also notes the fact that the clock is set twenty minutes ahead.

It must be a pretty smart part of me, but it definitely isn't the conscious part of me.

I am unable to explain how this occurs. I submit that science is unable to explain it either.

Even when I'm asleep, a part of me is still unbelievably aware.

Which part is it?


_Psycho said...

Hehe like last week went I drunk too much and woke up exactly at 7h30am ;) Happen to me too all the time.

Stupid "Horloge biologique", I usually think =P (biological clock ?)

epicurist said...

I do the same thing - like clockwork. Wake up just before 4am every night to get a drink and go to the bathroom. It either indicates we are humans of habit or maybe it has to do with the Circadian rhthym.

Lyvvie said...

It's just one of those happens, accept and move on. I do it too, very annoying as I actually prefer to wake up to music (and fanfare, applause and hot fresh cooked breakfast) I had myself trained to look at the clock at 13 minutes past the hour. It freaked me out for ages. After that, I stopped watching horror movies.

Shelly said...

you are in the midst of the time/space continuem...enjoy.

Adam said...

Interesting observation. My partner and I are discussing it, hes a philosopher and his specialty is consciousness and philosophy of mind. You are asking excellent questions.

One explanation is that you arent as asleep as you might think you are. Another could be that your rhythms are so regular that you might be percieving them as consciousness. Its a connundrum.

Same thing with dreams? Are you conscious in a dream even if the dream is in a different time or place than your usual time and place?

Rob said...

I usually wake up at around the same time, approximately half an hour before the alarm goes off. It's a nice time - half an hour of not having to move whilst being very aware of the fact.

Annoyingly I think my body is just programmed to go at that time automatically because when I don't set the alarm (like at weekends) I still wake up at that time.

Thing is, if for some reason I have to get up earlier and set the alarm accordingly I still somehow wake up half an hour early. I guess that means somehow I'm programming my body clock for special occasions.

Now if I could only set it to not wake up until midday on weekends I'd be laughing.