Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just a thought

Well folks, I'm running late this morning. If I had been a good boy, I would have prepared a post last night. But since the couch attacked me and held me down while the television tickled me, I've got nothing. Except a random thought:

The body I inhabit will one day turn to dirt, and perhaps foster the growth of other living things. In a way, it won't die. The conscious part of "me" doesn't really exist, so it doesn't really die anyway.

If there is more to me than mind and body, then it stands to reason that that part chose this life. This possibility makes me pay attention more.


The Wisdom of Wislon said...

It's a miracle, you must be God ;-)

You are good at taking time to consider things and make sense of what's going on in life. We should make the most of things as we're only here for a while.
Enjoy the couch and TV ticklings ;-)

and more importantly how's that toe?

dantallion said...

Ok, that was just too profound to deal with before my second cup of coffee.

Seriously though, for someone who didn't prepare what to write and was short on time, this is a very cool post.

r said...

I'll be thinking about this all day.

St. Dickeybird said...

The body I inhabit will one day be laquered and turned into a coffee table if I get my way.
Not dirt!

_Psycho said...

I went out last night, so this morning I had a bad headhache, I was tired (still)a nd I read something like that... Ouch =P

I'm a bit better this afternoon, but still, hmm like rebekah said, I'll be thinking about it :)

anabel said...

I also like the idea of choosing this life.
It makes me wonder though, what were my kids were thinking??!!!

epicurist said...

I had that same random thought quite some time ago and wrote about it in November 2004. Maybe it just moves around like the flu and afflicts people sporadically.

Adam said...

When you say that there is a part that "chose this life," does that imply that this part of you that is neither mind nor body is somehow omnicient? In other words did it choose this life on a gamble or did it browse the span of this life and compare it to the span of other lives before making its decision which life to choose?

I love that you brought up that your conscious self is neither living or dead. I often think about that and it blows my mind. My consciousness is something that exists outside of my mind and body and its existence is inconsequential to my life or death.

Enough! My brain is dissolving.

Lyvvie said...

Are you trying to tell us you wish to be buried in the woods, or a farmer's field in order to maximise your reusablility??

tornwordo said...

Adam, if you consider the predominant view in physics of the "block universe" your question is much more complicated to answer.