Saturday, September 10, 2005

Shameless namedropping

Famous people I've waited on. (That I can remember anyway, there were so many when I worked in trendy Los Angeles restos.)

Meryl Streep
Michelle Pfeiffer
David Schwimmer
Goldie Hawn (several times)
Kurt Russell (several times)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (many times)*
Maria Schriver(many times)*
Richard Dreyfuss
Julia Roberts*
Joe Pantoliano
Rod Stewart (twice)
Barbara Bush
Pat Robertson*
James Caan

They're all just regular people, except for Maria, who's an unmitigated bitch, and her hubby, who is, well I don't need to tell you, just watch him being governor.

*interesting story there - one day it'll be blogged


MJ said...

Duuuuuude... I never recognize celebrities!!! The governator himself could approach me for a friendly handshake but I would only think "who's the beefcake" before he introduced himself.

_Psycho said...

Always interesting to meet famous peoples, even thought If I do personally I would probably not even talk with them =P

I bet some doesn't look that good in real life !

r said...

That's your Saturday morning post? C'mon. We know how busy you are during the week, but Saturday?

Give us the MariaBitch story.

Lyvvie said...

I've followed you from LBB's comments, and think you're fab! I've linked you so I don't lose you.

have enjoyed what I've read so far. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ok...can't wait for the stories you promise. working in hotels for years, as i did (and some of those in chicago), i got to meet a number of famous folks, too, giving me lots to gossip about over the years. there's nothing like an asshole celebrity, ya know?

(thanks for linking to me. i'm adding you to my links, too... gotta be on the lookout for the pat robertson story for sure!)

Anonymous said...

come on, you gotta tell them about the time she asked me for oatmeal without currants (the oatmeal was cooked with them). When I told her the whole batch was made with currants she looked me right in the eye and said, "can't you just pick them out?"
I have to admit I did consider picking them out WITH MY FINGERS but hey I was busy being nasty to some other jerks so I just said NO!
If you don't tell them some Arnie stories I will.
I'm one of the five waitresses in Venice he didn't have sex with in the 80's

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Was Goldie, all sweet cheeks like she comes across on TV interviews?


tornwordo said...

Goldie was always a pleasure to serve. Charming and sweet, just like her characters. A fine woman.