Tuesday, September 06, 2005

C*%tmouth f%*ker from asswipe mountain

That came from Rebekah, while we were chatting - in reference to Mr. Bush. Every time I hear his name now, I think of this charming pet name for him and giggle gleefully.

The rigorous schedule begins today, and thus, little time this morning to post. So I will just leave you with this. Do you think it's time for a haircut? People keep saying to leave it, it looks good long, but I'm not so sure.


Anonymous said...

it looks fine, but short is definitely better! :-)


The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Suits you long and short, therefore I'm no help ;-)

I'm gonna pinch your todays 7 things meme as I can't think of anything better to fill my blog with, hope you don't mind.

Obviously with my own answers.

BTW looks like you got things stirred abit on your Saturday's blog, we all feel helpless to the plight.

_Psycho said...

Short hair are easier to maintain, thats a man thing :)

dantallion said...

Actually, I rather like it long - it really suits you. Very nice pic.

Rebekah's colourful use of language is right on the money to say the least.

MJ said...

It looks GREAT long! Man, why do the hot men have to be gay? ;-)

r said...

I think you might get several hits from your use of language there.

Yes, cut your hair right before the cold weather. That's a good idea. Expose your neck.

I dunno. How about someplace in between the #7 blade and pony tail?

Angel! said...

I prefer long on you and it's not every man that can look good with long hair but it suits you real good.

Plus, it's real fun to grab when having hot sex!!

Anonymous said...

Not every guy can do long hair, but you most definately can.